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Stopping wage garnishments

If you've filed for bankruptcy, your wage garnishments will stop,, at least temporarily. If you're a Mississippi resident, here are some essential things you should know about repossession and wage garnishments and how bankruptcy can stop these processes so you can...

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Rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Jackson, Mississippi, discharges unsecured debt through liquidation, which requires you to sell assets. With Chapter 13, you pay the debts gradually through a restructuring plan. However, you may notice your credit score will drop for several...

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Decoding the mysteries of bankruptcy

Many different circumstances can cause someone to experience overwhelming debt. Excess credit card or personal loan payments become insurmountable after a loss of employment or a change in family status. Whether the debt came from uncontrolled gambling or an...

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Can you get an auto loan after bankruptcy?

It’s usually difficult to get approved for credit after bankruptcy in Mississippi, and this applies to an auto loan as well. Most lenders check your credit reports before approving you for any loan. Unfortunately, bankruptcy stays in credit history for up to ten...

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