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Which bankruptcy process is right for you?

You have a lot of debt built up that you're not sure how to deal with. You may have been able to pay it off slowly at first, but now it’s gotten out of hand. So, what are your options to quickly rid yourself of your debt? Many people file for one of two types of...

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Documents needed when filing for bankruptcy

Deciding to file for bankruptcy isn’t a simple matter. It’s something most people stress about for months before actually filing.  While bankruptcy is an effective solution to overcome significant debt, it can also have some consequences if you aren’t careful. One of...

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Tips for paying off credit card debt

There are a number of different strategies available for Mississippi consumers who are dealing with credit card debt, and the right one for you will vary based on factors that include the size of your debt and your income. It may be possible to pay off the debt, but...

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