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On Behalf of developers | April 3, 2020 | Debt Relief

It’s important that people aren’t in a position where they have to struggle when they don’t have to be. As someone who has been struggling financially, you know what it’s like to worry about where you’re getting your next paycheck or how you’re going to pay your bills. It’s easy for other people to tell you to find more work or to do better, but you’re in over your head.

Fortunately, there are debt-relief options that could be of help to you. While bankruptcy is one of them, there are many possible solutions when you find yourself struggling.

Some of the possible debt-relief options include:

  • Using a consolidation loan to put all of your bills on a single payment and to reduce that payment each month
  • Calling your creditors to ask for a reduction in interest or a deferment of what you owe while you look for work or are dealing with a crisis
  • Picking up an extra hobby or job that brings in additional income, so you can pay more on a single debt each month and work to pay down larger or higher-interest payments fast
  • Discussing negotiating with creditors with your attorney, so you can offer a lump sum payment in hopes of settling an account for less than you owe

These are just some possible debt-relief options that don’t include bankruptcy. If you have tried the options above or think that bankruptcy may be right for you, consider Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy carefully. Your attorney can talk to you about each kind of bankruptcy and the type that you may be able to qualify for. Regardless of which options end up working out, you should feel confident that there is a solution to your debt crisis.

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