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The problem of being medically underinsured

On Behalf of developers | November 11, 2017 | Medical Debt

Regardless of what your political leanings are, you are likely aware that the Affordable Care Act has resulted in a great number of people in Mississippi and around the country having health insurance. While that may be positive in some ways, it certainly does not mean that health care has truly become affordable for everyone. The reality is that many people today continue to struggle with the high cost of health care even if they are insured.

A new report was recently issued jointly by the Kaiser Family Foundation and The New York Times that highlights a problem many might not have thought of. Everyone acknowledges and understands the challenges associated with being uninsured but there is another serious problem and that is being underinsured. This happens when people are forced into selecting plans with high deductibles and excessive co-pays because they cannot afford any other plans.

One in every five people polled with insurance were noted as struggling to pay their out-of-pocket medical costs. Many indicate they choose not to seek care at times in an effort to reduce the number and cost of their medical bills. Once savings are gone, people are forced to find other ways to pay these expenses and some have few options.

If you would like to learn more about the various types of debt that may contribute to financial challenges and what options you have for help to get out from under mounds of debt, please feel free to visit the health care bills page of our Mississippi consumer bankruptcy website.

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