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Maximum limits for wage garnishment

On Behalf of developers | June 24, 2021 | Blog

If you fail to pay alimony, child support, or student loans, your wages are often garnished. However, before the wage garnishment, there are legal limits of the garnishment amount. Additionally, different types of debts have different amounts of wage garnishment. In Mississippi, the creditor needs to file a lawsuit.

Default judgment

If you fail to respond, the creditor will get a default judgment. On the other hand, the case will prevail when you respond. After the judgment, the creditor sends the required documents to your employer. Your employer is bound to deduct some amount from your paycheck till you pay the debt off. However, some states have an exemption law that depends on your income. In these states, you can file for bankruptcy, which will stop the repossessions & wage garnishment.

Objecting wage garnishment

When a creditor tries to file a garnishment lawsuit, you might object to challenge the lawsuit. However, you need to follow procedure, which depends on the type of debt. First, you need to fill in paperwork on why you believe your earning don’t deserve garnishment. Additionally, you may also claim you paid the debt or you are bankrupt.

If you plan on objecting to the garnishment wages, pick the paperwork from the court. The paper should have the required instructions. If the court doesn’t have the objection form, write the objection and send it to the court. Don’t forget to include the reasons for objecting.

The garnishment hearing

Once a hearing is set, you must attend to protect your income. Depending on your objection reasons, the judge will either accept your objection or overrule it. Once overruled, the garnishment will continue.

You can contact an attorney to help in the objection process. An attorney may help you draft a presentable objection or bankruptcy form.

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