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Legal Exemptions in Mississippi Bankruptcy

On Behalf of developers | April 2, 2024 | Bankruptcy,Blog

If you’re facing bankruptcy in Mississippi, it’s vital to know what items are exempt from being seized during bankruptcy proceedings. Pond Law Firm assists individuals and businesses in working through bankruptcy filings every single day. It is our primary objective to protect as many of your assets as possible and inform you of your rights in Mississippi bankruptcy claims.

What Are Some Possessions Exempted During Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy exemption rules in Mississippi protect some of your assets. Here, Pond Law Firm breaks down what you can expect to be exempt in your MS bankruptcy filing and what is fair game according to Mississippi law.

Homestead Exemptions

This allows you to protect equity you have in your primary residence. Equity of up to $75,000 is accepted as exempt and if you are married and have joint ownership, you may be able to double this exemption amount to have it apply to each of you individually.

MS Personal Property Bankruptcy Exemptions

There are various belongings that fall under this category, including, but not limited to:

  • Household items: Up to $10,000 in value of home furnishings and goods
  • Clothing & jewelry:  Up to $10,000 is protected
  • Trade tools: Any tools you require for your personal business up to $2,500 in value is exempt. Health aids: All
  • Public benefits: social security, unemployment, Veteran’s benefits, etc. are fully exempt.

Bankruptcy Vehicle Exemptions

Vehicles that you own can be exempted for up to $10,000 in value. This is per person, so a married couple can expect to have 2 vehicles under $10,000 each as exempt.

Wage Exemptions in Mississippi Bankruptcy

Wage garnishment can still occur but wage exemptions protect a portion of your income so that you have a living wage. In Mississippi, federal wage garnishment laws are followed, which means that at least 75% of your disposable earnings are exempt. Child support and taxes are also exempt allowances (in full).

Pension Exemptions in Bankruptcy Claims

There are particular retirement accounts and pensions that qualify for complete exemptions from creditor seizure during a bankruptcy process for those living in Mississippi. That would include IRAs, 401(k)s, pension, and retirement benefits, to name a few. This means you’ll be able to retain your retirement and have something set up for your future despite filing for bankruptcy in Mississippi

As can be expected, the bankruptcy process in Mississippi is an incredibly individualized process and every situation is unique. As such, certain limitations or exceptions can apply to your specific bankruptcy case. The exemption amounts may differ from what you see above and can also change year to year and state to state. The best way to know which bankruptcy exemptions apply to your bankruptcy claim is to contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Jackson, Mississippi, or your local area. Doing so will give you an expert eye in protecting every asset possible during bankruptcy proceedings, and ensuring that all your rights are fully represented. 

Best Bankruptcy Law Firm Jackson, MS

In Jackson, Mississippi and surrounding areas, that law firm is Pond Law Firm. We have decades of experience in representing bankruptcy cases just like yours. We take the time to consult with you and learn the ins and outs of your specific case so that we can most effectively represent your best interests. In a case of filing for bankruptcy in Jackson, MS, or nearby, contact Pond Law Firm today. We’re awaiting your call, eager to assist you and protect your rights!

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