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Getting through a chapter 13 bankruptcy

On Behalf of developers | March 8, 2018 | Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There are many challenging aspects to personal financial management, but bankruptcy can be among the most overwhelming. Mississippi residents currently facing this obstacle may be wondering what might happen to their properties, their vehicles and their futures. Filing for bankruptcy can be a frightening time, but there are basics to be aware of when beginning this process.

First of all, those going through this tough financial time likely fear for the shelter that protects them on a daily basis. When it comes to bankruptcy and home foreclosures, The Washington Post reflects on the ways many struggling homeowners grapple with the fine print. While bankruptcy can present its own set of challenges, it can also give consumers a second chance at dealing with money problems. As The Post states, not all property in a bankruptcy case gets put on the line; some assets can be exempt from bankruptcy, such as a home or a car. Details of the bankruptcy process can vary from state to state, but The Post also notes that consumers who file for chapter 13 bankruptcy can have the opportunity to work out a payment plan over three to five years, ultimately improving chances of keeping the property. 

The United States Courts system picks up where The Post left off in regard to discharge in bankruptcy. Shown on their website, a chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide a broader scope of options for consumers when planning debt repayment. However, the debtor often must complete a mandatory course on personal financial management in order to successfully complete a discharge. Consumers who have prior discharges may also face obstacles when attempting to file for chapter 13 bankruptcy again. Regardless of the reason or the payment plan, it is important for consumers to understand every detail of the bankruptcy process. This way, they can get through difficult aspects more smoothly and get on with life. 

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