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Careful review of medical bills urged

On Behalf of developers | August 19, 2018 | Medical Debt

The cost of health care in America is a concern for everyone. Even residents in Mississippi who have what would be considered good health care insurance coverage are likely to end up with some out-of-pocket medical costs each year. For many, these expenses that are not covered by insurance can put an enormous strain on a household budget and may even be out of reach for patients to pay.

NerdWallet recommends that consumers take an active role in reviewing their medical bills before paying anything. There are a couple of ways you might actually receive a bill that is incorrect. One of these is when the billing service uses the wrong code. When this happens, your insurance company may deny coverage leaving you holding the bag for the bill. With the correct coding, however, your insurance may well pay for some if not all of the costs for a particular item on your bill.

Another way that an error can be made is, quite simply, when you are billed for something you did not receive. Here it is important that you carefully compare your itemized billing statement with your medical records. If you see a charge for a particular medication during a hospital stay, for example, but find no record of being given that drug in your medical record, you may want to dispute the charge.

If you would like to learn more about how to survive mounds of medical debt that you cannot pay, please feel free to visit the health care costs and debts page of our Mississippi debt relief and bankruptcy website.

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