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Bankruptcy does not mean you’re irresponsible

On Behalf of developers | November 20, 2021 | Bankruptcy

One of the most common myths about bankruptcy is that it means you’re irresponsible. People assume that you have to file because you made critical financial mistakes that you should have avoided, but you were too reckless with your spending.

This does happen on occasion, but it’s a myth that this is why most people file for bankruptcy. Don’t buy into the stigma that bankruptcy sometimes holds, and do not let it stop you from considering legal tools that may be helpful.

Why bankruptcy actually happens

To understand the problem with this myth, you should know that the top reason for bankruptcy is actually medical debt. If you get injured or you get sick, your insurance probably isn’t going to cover most of it. You could be left with an incredible amount of debt that you can never pay off, and none of that is your fault. Bankruptcy could be your only way out.

The second main reason for bankruptcy is job loss. Your company may have to downsize because the company itself isn’t doing well, even though you are terrific at your job, and then you could need to file for bankruptcy. Again, you haven’t made any mistakes or done anything wrong, but you’re just running out of options because of things that are out of your control.

Exploring the options you do have

Fortunately, there are always legal options that you can use. Make sure you take the time to think about what they are and how they can help you in your situation. There may be debt relief options you can explore, and talking with someone who understands your position and the legal options can make the path forward easier to see.

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