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Who is most burdened by medical debt?

The healthcare costs in this country are a constant topic of conversation. They seem to be rising at alarming rates with no end in sight. For this reason, many people in Mississippi are stuck with large amounts of medical debt. However, what group seems to be most affected may be surprising to you.

The price of medical care: What you should know

You may think that if you went to the emergency room in Mississippi seeking treatment for a broken leg that your expenses would be comparable to if you were seek medical help for the same injury in Arizona. Interestingly enough, medical expenses vary from state to state, depending on what type of service you are seeking. Research from the National Chartbook on Health Care Prices looked at payment data and medical claims to determine where states fall when it comes to pricing medical services. For example, a pregnancy ultrasound in Arizona is much cheaper than in Alaska, which costs over three times the national average. Mississippi is above the national average when it comes to medical costs.

Medical bills not always accurate

People in Mississippi have often been taught to appropriately respect health care professionals and those who support them. This respect may be warranted in many cases but should not prevent a person from making sure they fully understand the bills they receive from doctors, labs, hospitals or other providers and facilities. In fact, careful review of these bills may expose inaccuracies that could otherwise contribute to excessive and inappropriate debt for patients.

Careful review of medical bills urged

The cost of health care in America is a concern for everyone. Even residents in Mississippi who have what would be considered good health care insurance coverage are likely to end up with some out-of-pocket medical costs each year. For many, these expenses that are not covered by insurance can put an enormous strain on a household budget and may even be out of reach for patients to pay.

Medical costs related to spike in senior bankruptcy

People in Mississippi who find themselves saddled with high medical debt are far from alone it seems according to the results of a study published recently. As reported by Business Insider, the study was conducted by the Consumer Bankruptcy Project and found serious concerns about the financial status of baby boomers and noted that the rising cost of health care is one of the contributing factors.

The excessive cost of health care in the U.S.

If you are one of the lucky people in Mississippi who has health insurance, you know that even this protection does not guarantee that you will be able to afford the care you need if and when you should need it. The cost of health care in the United States is an all-too real concern for the average American and actually can become a source of serious debt and even lead people to the decision to file bankruptcy.

When medical debt leads to creditor harassment

Many Mississippi residents cringe at the thought of overdue medical bills. After all, along with student loan debt, it is the leading cause of debt in the country. As the struggle to pay medical bills lingers on, many have turned to a variety of solutions. Some Americans, however, discover that they did not owe medical debt in the first place. When this is the situation at hand, a number of problems can ensue.

The outlook on medical debt in america

America is no stranger to medical debt. This fact has become all the more apparent as countless citizen across the nation continue to grapple with surmounting bills they cannot pay. Mississippi remains one of the states that has struggled with medical debt the most. What can residents learn about current policies, and how might Americans finally tackle this prevalent issue? 

Medical debt and credit reports

Regardless of whether or not a person in Mississippi has health insurance, there is almost always the likelihood that they will be left with out-of-pocket costs. Sometimes those costs may be relatively minor such as a co-pay for a standard office visit. However, these expenses not covered by insurance can add up quickly when an illness or emergency occurs.

Medical debt in mississippi

One of today's biggest issues revolves around Americans and crippling amounts of medical debt. Not just a problem for a small percentage of the population, medical debt now affects millions. Mississippi is no exception to this struggle, as the state has become home to the highest medical debt in the country. Will this unsettling statistic change in the near future? What can consumers going through these tough times expect? 

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