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Who is most burdened by medical debt?

The healthcare costs in this country are a constant topic of conversation. They seem to be rising at alarming rates with no end in sight. For this reason, many people in Mississippi are stuck with large amounts of medical debt. However, what group seems to be most affected may be surprising to you.

According to STAT, it is the middle class who suffers from the most medical debt. This group is more likely to be uninsured or underinsured and not have the extra funds to pay off debt. It does not help that Mississippi has the highest medical debt in the country or that it has one of the highest rates of adults who do not have adequate insurance, which contributes to debt.

Many middle-class households are just one paycheck away from trouble. Add in an extra expense from medical care and that can really strain a budget. If you are in this earning group, then you probably understand. A large expense that you did not plan for could really cause financial hardship. You may have to choose between paying your mortgage and paying the hospital. It is the hospital that usually loses out.

When you do not pay your bill, it has a ripple effect. Unpaid debts cause hospitals to go into debt. It leads to them having financial issues and can mean they cannot provide services or operate at full capacity. Medical debt affects everyone because of this. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not legal advice.

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