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August 2018 Archives

Bankruptcy: The right choice when you lose financial footing?

Bankruptcy is something you may not want to have to use in your life, but there are many times when it's necessary. For someone who suddenly lost a job and hasn't been able to find work, suffered a life-altering disability or has other financial problems as a result of their lifestyle, a bankruptcy could be the difference between getting their finances back on track and struggling with debt for years to come.

Careful review of medical bills urged

The cost of health care in America is a concern for everyone. Even residents in Mississippi who have what would be considered good health care insurance coverage are likely to end up with some out-of-pocket medical costs each year. For many, these expenses that are not covered by insurance can put an enormous strain on a household budget and may even be out of reach for patients to pay.

Medical costs related to spike in senior bankruptcy

People in Mississippi who find themselves saddled with high medical debt are far from alone it seems according to the results of a study published recently. As reported by Business Insider, the study was conducted by the Consumer Bankruptcy Project and found serious concerns about the financial status of baby boomers and noted that the rising cost of health care is one of the contributing factors.

Home ownership after a foreclosure

For many decades now, owning a home has been a primary part of the American dream and a sign of some semblance of success in life. It stands to reason then that people in Mississippi who lost their homes via foreclosures likely experienced significant disappointments in addition to their financial stresses and challenges. However, they should know that it is very possible to reclaim the title of home owner even after having gone through a foreclosure.

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