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Why does mississippi lead the nation in medical debt?

Millions of Americans are living with debt -- a debt that can accumulate and linger for decades. When it comes to medical debt specifically, Mississippi leads the rest of the country. Recent news highlights a growing trend in the state's medical debt, revealing that financial struggles affect some groups more than others. What is the cause of this imbalance, and what can be done to solve the issue that has hindered the wellbeing of so many?

Mississippi's current foreclosure climate

For countless families in America, mortgage issues did not follow the path of the nationwide housing crisis a decade ago; instead of improving over time, matters only got worse. Estimates in recent years show that this trend in mortgage crises has ultimately led to millions of home foreclosures. Mississippi is not exempt from this trend, but what could current statistics predict about the housing market in the coming months? 

Different types of debt

If you are one of the many people in Minnesota who cringes when you go to your mailbox for fear that yet another bill is in there, you know how stressful this type of situation can be. Instead of living with the pressure that unmanageable debt brings to your life, you might want to find out if filing for bankruptcy can help you. Among the many decisions you will need to make when evaluating a potential bankruptcy is which type of plan is right for. This may depend in part on what type of debt you have the most of.

Inaccurate home foreclosures: common causes

To many, the housing crisis of 2008 did not necessarily end; instead, the problem only magnified when mortgage after mortgage went unpaid. Now, millions of Americans are living with serious debt, which often leads to home foreclosures. In Mississippi, the state of the housing market is similar to that of various other parts of the country. While improving slowly, experts say there is nevertheless a long way to go. 

How can filing for bankruptcy help avoid home foreclosure?

As many across Mississippi know, when bills pile up one unexpected problem can cause significant financial issues that do not simply go away with time. It could be high credit card bills to pay for a mechanical issue on your vehicle or a medical expense that could not wait, but it has taken your budget from tight to unmanageable and now the family home is at risk of foreclosure.

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